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For twenty-four years the annual Lake Arrowhead Symposium, centered around the Transportation–Land Use–Environment Connection, has hosted top public, private, and academic leaders to foster thoughtful discussion around innovative topics.

The unique signature of this series can be found in its balance, of both scholarly and practice-oriented presentations, and ideological perspectives. Past topics include:

Each year, the program sponsor steering committee selects a topic to be covered in various dimensions by approximately 30 academic, government, and private sector speakers from around the globe.  Recent scholarly speakers include:

  • Alan Altshuler and Jose Gomez-Ibanez (Harvard),
  • Robert Burchell and John Pucher (Rutgers),
  • Robert Cervero and Martin Wachs (Berkeley),
  • Anthony Downs (Brookings),
  • Genevieve Giuliano and Randolf Hall (USC),
  • David Godschalk and John Kasarda (North Carolina)

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